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When someone calls you pretty, you will remember for a few days but when someone calls you ugly, you will probably remember it forever, or at least for weeks and months.

That's an example of how our minds are biased towards the negative.

Staying negative is probably an effect of our evolution, a survival technique. As an event "tanks", we become more cautious . Then even after the situation is stable, we tend to have the attitude "let's wait and see if its really safe". If you reach your hand out to pet a dog and get bit, the next time you see a dog, you are likely to be cautious about touching it (continuing negativity) but that may keep you safe.

This evolutionary bias may keep you safe but too much of it long-term will keep you stuck and trapped in what you don't want so that it's actually no longer safe. It will actually keep you from experiencing beautiful connections, such as discovering how fun it is to pet a friendly dog for example!

Studies have also shown for example that when people are asked to solve a math problem, it takes longer to calculate a math problem that is framed as a loss to a gain than to calculate one that is framed as a gain to a loss. It's like we literally have to work HARDER to think about gain than loss.

There are many techniques to get you unstuck that mostly involve being a thought-police and trying to control your mind. They are great to a certain extent.

Eventually though, you might want to get beyond the mind's programming altogether and get in touch with your True Self that is always free.

Take this course because it shows you HOW.

In this course, you will learn:

1. WHY we get stuck.

2. How to get unstuck immediately.

3. Daily practices to get unstuck.

Your Instructor

Kundan Chhabra
Kundan Chhabra

Kundan Chhabra is the Breakthrough Awakening Guide known for removing the root cause of your suffering in relationships.

He also teaches Emotional Alchemy, the art of transforming your emotional pain into fuel for your passion and life purpose so that you no longer have to be terrified of your own emotions nor feel blocked by them. Instead, you can use them as fuel for your passion and life purpose.

He also unlocks your Heart Virtue, the most heroic part of yourself you absolutely need to know to live an amazing life with clear boundaries and powerful direction.

For years he struggled with feeling lonely, sad, confused, powerless, trapped and even suicidal. He remembers thinking about jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and repeatedly calling the suicide hotline.

Years later, after having one-on-one sessions with so many amazing coaches and healers, he discovered the relationship between feeling and thinking, between events and their meaning, between the part of him that feels painful emotions and the part of that is always free.

He learned how to be in touch with that part of himself that is free and clear no matter what negative emotions he feels.

Eventually he learned how to help others get in touch with it too. As a result, Kundan now take clients from their struggle and confusion to a place of freedom and simplicity.

His work has helped save marriages, end toxic relationships, and inspired his clients to lead more fulfilled lives with healthier connections of all kinds.

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